Pre-Reading Strategies

Vocabulary Strategies


K.I.M. Strategy

This strategy allows the students to connect key words/phrases to information they learned about it, and encourages them to create a memory clue to help them remember the word.
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Semantic Feature Analysis

This strategy connects key words of a reading selection to one another and group key words into categories.  This graphic organizer can also be a good tool for assisting collaboration between students as they discuss differing results.
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Vocabulary Self-Awareness Chart

This strategy encourages students to be aware of key words they will be learning during a unit.  It allows them to assess what words they know already, somewhat know, and don't know at all by providing a definition and example.
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Personal Vocabulary Charts

This strategy allows the students to develop a deeper understanding of the word.  The students fill out this chart and must brainstorm what the word means, find the true definition of it, and then find examples and create an illustration.  By connecting the word to these different forms, the words are becoming engrained in the students' vocabulary rather than words to memorize for the week and then forget.
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